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Baby Sheep Cushion

$68.00 $62.00

This sleepy Baby Sheep is smaller to get the best cuddle. This kid’s cushion will make a great addition to your child’s decor.

Made with love with organic materials, see details.









SHERPA 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester made in Canada.

comes with an inside pillow 100% polyester



The brushed finish of sherpa fabric was definitely the right choice to capture Sheep’s curly fleece feel. This one-of-a-kind natural-tone sherpa is made in Montréal from organic cotton and recycled polyester. With hooves and eyes in jersey and a leatherette nose, this plushy is soft. Like really soft. Format: 13″x13″

On the practical side, all of our plushies are constructed like a cushion cover with a zip closure at the bottom. Inside, you will find the 15″x15″ 100% polyester cushion insert, also manufactured in Montréal, naturally!

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